Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is this the beginning of the end of the Bull Market for India`s NIFTY Sensex?

With most global markets down 200 DMA - the bear market borderline, this seems like a the beginning of the end of the bull market. Here is a list of major indices that are below 200 DMA
  1. China
  2. Shanghai
  3. Brazil
  4. FTSE
  5. EU - France CAC, Germany DAX
  6. Crude Oil
A handful of markets that are barely above 200 DMA ( just +1% to +2% above) are India `s Nifty  & S&P 500.
India`s NIFTY was up +18% in a single day on 18-May-2009. Strangely there was no such news of trading error , fat finger or government / regulators saying we will investigate the issue. ;-)

Here s a video lesson of how a Bear takes out all `supports` against Bulls that want to go higher and higher even after climbing over +116% since last year March`09 low. Enjoy the video

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