Tuesday, July 26, 2011

India Bulls vs Bear Dialogue - Humour

( This is a revisit of my "Bull vs Bear" Joke sent on Oct 2009. Most of dialogues is in Indian local language `Hindi` so readers not familiar with `Hindi`might skip this)
India Big Bulls says:- "..Mere paas..
  • US Fed ka helicaptar Bernanke hai
  • QE1 hai , QE 2 ..
  • Lifetime low 0% US interest rate hai, 400 year low UK 0.5% interest rate hai, All time low EU Euro Interest rate hai ,dollar carry trade hai
  • Gora /FII ka paisa hai , HNI ka paisa hai ,black money hai
  • QIP hai , IPO hai - jo over 100 x  times oversubscribed hua hai 
  • Morgan Stanley hai , Goldman sachs hai , JP Murugan hai, CLSA aur ka Chris Wood , RAREing big bull bhi hai
  • India macro story plays - Real estate ,Retail , Infra ,Capital Goods aur consumption plays bhihai..."
And then the India Big bulls asks the lone Bear ... "..Aur Tumhare Paas Kya Hai ???  "
Indian Kala Bhaalu ( India Bear) just says one one... " Mere paas..... RBI Gov. Subba Rao hai " ;-)

My view is that India`s RBI has been behind the curve and making up for it.  It rightly deserves the title of most astute central bank in the world. It bought 200 tonnes of Gold in Nov 2009 at $ 1,000 per oz. ( cost of $ 6.7 Bn) Cmp $1,600 or 60% ( $ 4 Bn )gain  in just 18 months. Reserve Bank of India RBI`s press release here

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